Keflavik International Airport

This hotel was definitely not comfortable! We had to sleep on the airport’s chairs. And if we were able to sleep, it as only for a while because the airport’s loud noises would wake us up. When it was time to board our flight, were very happy. Finally, we were going to sleep.



__GRindavik camp
We almost forgot to mention the camping site that welcomed us in Grindavik. I guess we had better memories to make than the one about camping (especially since we went to the Blue Lagoon during our stay there).

Mill little farm


We stayed in Mill Little Farm for a week. Christine was our host. There was one single-sized bed and one double-sized bed. So, there was enough space for everyone. Everything about this place was cozy and warm. Our beds were very comfortable; there was a nice little kitchen where we all cooked dinner and supper; and there were two nice and relaxing places to drink coffee or tea.

Stay Apartments Eiholt

This hotel was also quite expensive for a night but it was close to every activity we did. It was also near the BSI bus terminal, a station we had to go to at the end of the day in order to head to the Keflavik International Airport.

Our Favourite Websites

  • Tripadvisor: from food to lodging to activities, it’s a  traveler’s best friend.
  • Airbnb: meeting new people by sleeping in their homes, it’s a great way to save some money.
  • Wwoofing: working a little in echange for homemade meals and a roof over our heads, you got a deal!
  • Trivago: comparing hotels’ prices and bringing them all at one place makes you save a WHOLE lot of time, believe me.
  • Ret Tag and CheapOair: listing all the flight companies available from the least to the most expensive will make you want to kiss your computer screen.