— Day 11 —

We started off this 11 slowly by going to a little cafe called the Kaffi Sudur. Reviews said that this cafe was cheap, nice and cozy, and they were right. We had some coffee, some snacks and we tried the soup of the day that made us warm on the inside. With our cellphones and the free Wi-Fi, we were able to contact our friends and families and send some pictures to them.

When we were done, we started walking around the area. The places of our activities that day were very close to each other, so we had a lot of time to explore this small area of Keflavik. After walking around for a while, our stomachs started to growl. We decided to pass by a pretty popular diner called Olsen Olsen restaurant. They sell junk food, which was exactly what we were craving. There, we ate some very delicious burgers, fried chicken and fries. The junk food made us a little sleepy but we couldn’t stop our journey there.

We took a five minutes walk to digest our big meal and to go to this amazing, interesting, and free museum! It is called the Duushus Cultural Center, and there, we learned a lot about the local heritage. We were able to observe an amazing collection of model ships and an exhibition of handbags made from recycled materials. In short, they were so many things to look at: fine arts, models, folk art, and local history. Sadly we couldn’t spend the rest of the day here so we walked all the way to another amazing and free place: The Giantess in the Mountain.

The Giantess is a character from a popular Icelandic children’s book created by Herdís Egilsdóttir. In September 2008, the town of Reykjanes decided to build a home for the Giantess. We decided to explore this special place. When we got to the cliff where the Giantess was situated, we heard weird noises. They were farts and burps. At first, we were surprised by these noises but after seeing that the big statue of the Giantess was the one making them, we found it very funny and quirky. We spent about 20 minutes observing and learning about the character. We were starting to get tired with all the walking, so we went back to the hostel and made our supper. We talked about the amazing day we had. A day during which we learned about the local history by eating in a local restaurant, by visiting a really interesting museum, and by visiting a quirky character from an Icelandic children’s book.

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