— Day 13 —

Day 13 was our last day in Reykjavik. Since we were tired at the beginning of the day, we stayed in the hotel and rested for one or two hours after we woke up. Nevertheless, it was our last day there so we had to make the most of it. We got up and went to the Te and Kaffi cafe, thirteen minutes away by walk from our hotel. We found out interesting facts about the cafe. For example, the first Te and Kaffi cafe opened when it was almost not possible to get good coffee anywhere in Iceland. This cafe chain also developed the coffee culture in Iceland. We were very eager to taste their coffee but when we got there, we were so overwhelmed by the variety of coffee and tea they had! After carefully choosing our drinks and a nice little breakfast to eat, we sat down and devoured everything. We were definitely not disappointed by their food. Everything was just so delicious! However we had to refrain from eating everything on their menu and drinking all the coffee and tea they had, so we went on the City Walk tour.

This two-hour tour focuses on the general history of Iceland and the evolution of Reykjavik as a town. We visited the Parliament building, and then went to a cemetery called Fógetagarður. We also walked along the ocean and went to Arnarhóll, where we saw the Harpa Concert Hall, a really wonderfully structured building. After seeing many other things, we ended the tour at the lake Tjörnin in front of the City hall. There, we had a nice view of some old houses in the west part of the town and we also saw some beautiful birds.

Since we were near the Hljomskalagardur garden, we decided to go there and relax. We visited the small music house. Sometimes, there are concerts, but we weren’t very lucky since it was empty. Another time perhaps. If we come back one day. We walked through the passages that were surrounded by cute, fresh flowers and trees.

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To end our last day in Reykjavik, we decided to walk in the nearby main streets of Austustraeti, of Laekjargata, and of Skolavordustigur. While we were wandering in the streets, we encountered a shop with black walls. They were all painted with beautiful white and gold graffitis. We also went into a few local shops where we played, laughed and made our last memories in Reykjavik.

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We made our way back to the hotel, checked out, went to the BSI bus terminal, said goodbye to Reykjavik, a town full of life, and went back to the Keflavík International Airport.












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