— Day 3 —

Two days in and we had already fallen in love with Iceland’s capital. Unfortunately, we had to move on to our second destination. We weren’t feeling disappointment, if only sadness to leave behind us such a wonderful city. Our sorry feelings were soon smothered by the knowledge that we would be coming back and by the desire to see more of country which had so nicely welcomed us.

We said our thanks and goodbyes to the family with which we had stayed and started walking out of the city. We knew that what we were planning to do would have a greater chance of working if we made our way further down the road and so we did.

None of us had ever hitchhiked before, but we had looked it up and knew we were in one of the best countries to do it.  We found ourselves at the side of the Ring Road and waited.

IMG_9673Call it beginner’s luck, cosmic alignment or what you want, but got picked up 10 minutes later by another group of travelers who had rented a car and who were heading to Thingvellir too.

On our way there, we discussed about what we were to do on our trip and we learned that we had stumbled across a two car party of friends who once had hitchhiked around Iceland. At the time, they had been like us, kids counting their money, trying to make the most of their youth. Now, they were back making new memories, helping people like they had been helped along the way.

Finally, we arrived to our destination, thanked the ones that had acted as our mentors for the length of a car drive and made our way to the visitor center. There, we familiarized ourselves with the park we were about to enter. The interactive screens taught us more about the UNESCO World Heritage site that had sheltered the oldest existing parliament in the world.7991269088_e9bba66aab_b

We then made our way to the Thingvellir church and spent the rest the day in its peaceful surroundings. As it closed, we walked to an observation area nearby and took in the majestic view of green grass melding with water so clear it reflected the sky.

Ines in Iceland


As dusk drew by, we moved to the camping site we would be staying at, glad to be able to sleep in a natural wonder.







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