— Day 6 —

As it was our last day in Hveragerdi, we wanted to make the most of a place we only saw the indoors of. In order to do that, we needed to get out of the city and into the wilderness.

Luckily, many hiking trails are located near Hveragerdi and it was easy for us to find one that would give us the chance to explore the region and still leave us time for our afternoon activity.

We put on our hiking gear (that was actually just sportswear) and made our way to the starting point of the hiking trail that would lead us in the Reykjadalur valley, commonly known as the Steam Valley.


We spent half the day walking, but in scenery like the one that unraveled before us, we didn’t feel any exertion. The green hills and continuous puffs of vaporous water urged us on until we arrived at the end of the trail and turned around, going back the way we came. Taking the same path could have been redundant in other circumstances, but in our case, it only gave us the possibility to look for things we could have missed on our first time traveling the hiking trail.

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After going back to the city, filling up our stomachs and grabbing the requisites for a swim, we headed to the Sundlaugin Laugaskardi thermal pool. There, we relinquished to the joys of naturally heated waters and relaxed our muscles that would have otherwise been sore the next day.



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