— Day 8 —

Our day-long hiking trip from the day before, though enjoyable, had left us a little bit sore. Strangely enough, it actually pleased us because we knew it would make what we were to spend the day doing even better.

Iceland is renowned for its geothermal power and so many resorts and spas using this renewable energy have popped up over the years. Even if our trip had for goal to make us see a different side of the country than its commercial one, we couldn’t resist the urge to get pampered for a day.

We made our way to the side of the road and started walking in the direction of the shuttle we would be taking to the Blue Lagoon. We it would be better if we didn’t entirely rely on hitchhiking for this little trip and it seemed we were right. We ended up walking there, but after two days of hiking, we were becoming experts! We finally arrived to the free shuttle that was to lead us to our well-earned day of relaxing.

Upon our arrival, we were taken aback by the technology used in the establishment. We were given magnetic bracelets that would serve both as an access ticket and a key to the lockers in which we stored our belongings. After showering like needed before entering the lagoon’s waters, we met back and let the heat untangle our muscles.

It was a day of true relaxing as we emptied our minds, covered our faces in white mud and learned about the story of the lagoon and its many properties. Once again, we had to rip ourselves from another Icelandic wonder and regain Grindavik, but, before doing so, found our way to the rooftops where an outstanding view waited for us.

At last, we took the shuttle back to where we came from and walked along the road. We were still under the Blue Lagoon’s spell when a car pulled up and we were offered a ride. It wouldn’t bring us directly to the city, but was close enough that it spared us some time.


That night, we went to sleep still seeing the blue waters of the lagoon and feeling their warmth prickling on our skins.


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