— Day 16 —

We started off Day 16 with work again. However, this time, we milked the goats! It was very scary, but we again had help from the same woofers. Kelly and Matt, a couple, told us that when they first came, they also had a hard time doing it. After they taught us how to milk the goats, we weren’t so bad. We also fed and took care of Christine’s chickens, geese and ducks. We even got to make cheese later taking care of the animals! We then had a warm breakfast that consisted of a toast, some eggs and some fresh fruits.

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When we were done, we took some of Christine’s bikes and decided to go cycling all the way to the Allihies Beach. It was an hour bike ride, so we stopped several times to rest and to look around. While going to the beach, we saw cute little shops and houses that were very colourful. However, our fun was cut short when Ines realized that she had lost her wallet. It had fallen from her pocket when we were cycling. We looked around us to find her wallet. We tried to go back a few blocs back to find it, but we never did. We still decided to go to the beach since we didn’t need to pay for an entry. When we got to the beach we were glad that we didn’t abandon our little trip. The water was blue, the sand was warm and there was a beautiful green scenery with small mountains and big rocks. At the beach, we laid for several hours in the sand, letting the summer sun warm us. We also swam and played games in the water. However, we had to go back to work some more at the farm. Back at the farm, we worked hard and hauled some wood, we cleared the bushes of some felled trees and we made some firewood. All this work made us hungry and tired so we ate our supper and talked with some of the students and woofers. When we came back in our shared room, Ines found her second wallet, the one that held all her cash and cards. We were so relieved that she had lost a cheap wallet that only held a few dollars. Minutes later, we all fell asleep from the long bike rides, the swimming and the hard work on the farm.









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