— Day 19 —

Day 19 was the day we went back to work in the farm. Well, it wasn’t actually work, since everything was so fun and exciting. We woke up early to start our work in the garden, where we did our regular work. We picked vegetables and fruits and we watered the gardens full of flowers.This time, we also got to work in the compost area. It wasn’t the greatest task, but we still enjoyed it. Working there was nice, because it wasn’t something we were used to. We had never done composting like this back in Montreal. It felt good to do something different, something that also made us feel useful, since it is a great way to recycle organic things. The task wasn’t boring since we weren’t doing this alone; we were with Matt, one of the first woofers we met at the farm.

After we cleaned up and ate breakfast with everyone, we took the bikes and went to the Bantry House and Garden. We read and learned that this house belonged to a man named Captain Richard White. He and his family had moved in Bantry from Limerick in 1690. They bought this house, that was once very small. We learned that the house had a “Queen Anne”-style. Also, we discovered that Richard White and his wife Mary O’Brien had the idea of the garden and the rest of the house when they were travelling in Europe and Russia to collect furniture, paintings, tapestries and artifacts. Finally, we learned that their family, to this day, owns the house. It is the eighth and ninth generation of the family that owns, manages, and lives there. Since we wanted to save up a little money for the rest of the trip, we decided to only visit the garden. Although we did not visit the house, we did see, from a certain distance, a very vintage and nicely decorated tearoom. The garden was just breathtaking. It was so colourful and full of life. It is so hard to describe how amazed we were by our surroundings. Everything was just so beautiful. The flowers, the trees, they all looked magnificent in the summer sun.

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After our little tour, we had to get back to the farm to continue our work. At the farm, while Christine, our host was teaching English to her students, we built a shed for wood storage, since her old one was all battered. We also mended and painted some damaged parts of her fences.

To make the most out of the rest of our day, we went back to Bantry to visit the Bantry Museum. This little museum displays collections of furniture, kitchen utensils and other little pieces like that. They also keep old newspaper records from Bantry’s past. We found it really nice that it was a free museum because this way, everyone going to Bantry gets to learn about the local history. We only spent one or two hours observing every little piece they had displayed. We then went back to the farm to eat our supper and it was the end of our simple day.

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