— Day 20 —

Day 20 was a sunny and bright day. It was the perfect day to go on a big expedition with the group for one last time. However, we had to work first. Like always, we helped in the gardens, fed the goats, the chickens, the geese and the ducks. We also milked the goats for the last time, which was very sad because doing it was a great experience. We later ate a delicious breakfast, which consisted of all the fruits we had gathered a while before, some eggs and bread. When everyone was ready, we all went to the Sheep’s Head Peninsula. Since it was pretty far away by walk or bicycle, we had to take Christine’s little van.

Once we got to the coast, we walked and talked to the students. We shared a lot of stories with a lady named Tania from Switzerland (the woman on the right in the photo above). She had decided to learn English with Christine, because as a young woman, she loved to travel and learn new languages. She went everywhere from New Zealand, Spain, Argentina and many other countries. As she traveled around the world, she never really got to fully learn English. In her hometown, almost everyone spoke German, French or Italian. Mill Little Farm was an opportunity for her to travel and learn, her two passions. We really admired her; she was fearless and so passionate about traveling. While we talked to her, we also enjoyed the nice breeze. We all suddenly stopped and admired the view. We were on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The waves were hitting the hill’s rocks, making a peaceful sound.It was beautiful. The sun was warming our skin and the grass, refreshing us. After a while of looking at the breathtaking landscape, we decided to sit and have a little picnic.

We had prepared a noodle salad and some delicious sandwiches filled with ham and vegetables (these sandwiches were so much better than the ones we prepared ourselves). To digest the food, we walked all the way to the lighthouse. It was very small but the view from inside was still as mesmerizing. When we finished enjoying the view, we returned to the farm. Everyone was pretty tired, so we had a simple supper and all went to sleep. This day was one of the most memorable, because we talked and learned so much about others. They all had their little and fun stories to share. It was an unforgettable exchange between new friends.










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