— Day 21 —

It was our last day at the farm, but we decided that we still wanted to help with the tasks. Although sometimes it was hard and we were tired, we wanted to always remember our journey in Mill Little Farm. We were also very grateful to Christine, who welcomed us with open arms, so we decided to help her out until the very end. We picked some vegetables and fruits, watered the flowers and fed the animals. After our last breakfast at the farm, which was a special goodbye breakfast (pancakes and fruits), we went in the workshop.


Since it was our last day, we made little paintings and mosaics to thank Christine for her kindness and generosity. We also made them to commemorate our wonderful time in Cork. We will always cherish these beautiful moments. After packing everything in our bags, we took the bikes and went back to Bantry, where we walked around, remembering our fun adventures here. We passed by the Bantry Market to get some souvenirs and we went back to the Bantry Museum to soak in the little town’s history.

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When came time for supper, Christine, as wonderful as always, treated us to our last supper in a local pub called Ma Murphy’s. There, we ate a soup and some pastas, had some very special craft beers and listened to some great musicians play their instruments. The atmosphere in the pub was really lighthearted. However, it was time to go. We sadly said goodbye to our new friends, to an awesome host and to the wonderful little town called Bantry. We had our backpacks with us, so we took a taxi that brought us to the Killarney National Park, where our new journey was to begin.








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