— Day 23 —

Our next day was more filled then the one before. Our guide shook the tent really early that morning and my eyes suffered when the sun appeared when we unzipped the door. He prepared three mountain bikes for us, but we needed to eat before. The people from Mill Little Farm gave us some food just before we left so we ate it to give us energy to ride these wheels by the mountains and animals in the park. We past by many majestic birds of prey, moose provided with enormous antlers and also beautiful and colourful butterflies flying besides our bikes. The ride was physically rough because of the tortuous tracks, but the presence of all the animals around us appeased our shapes. We were all eager to reach the end, tired of the steady effort we were doing for many hours now.
And when we saw our tent getting bigger and bigger as we were approaching, we took a final sprint and collapsed in front of the entry of the tent. That night was pretty special because we were quiet, leaning on the ground, looking at the dark sky and analyzing the stars when suddenly we all saw a shouting star at the same time. We looked at each other and closed our eyes to make a wish. That was the first time in my life I caught a shouting star in the sky.

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