— Day 25 —

The sun brought heat and light to the room and we woke up by ourselves at approximately the same moment. It was planned that today, we would go kayaking in the Dingle Bay. So we left our room in the lodge and arrived at the marina, where a group a people with kayaks and swimsuits were at the beach, listening to a guide giving directives. We were a bit late, but we could still participate to the adventure of today. The guide was a storehouse of information about Ireland and it made us want to explore even more of the country, but we had a tight agenda. So kayakwe smoothly sailed around the Bay for several hours and each of us fell off the kayak a couple of times and everybody  laughed. It was a great group to spend time and enjoy the fresh air from the coast. We finally came back from our journey and I can tell you that my arms were beginning to become tired, I’m sure Ines and Emily were experiencing the same thing. We decided that we wanted to rest more the next morning so instead of sleeping again at the lodge, we would sleep in Kilkenny the same day. So we launched our ride with our friend the moon and some good music from Ines’ CDs.







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