— Day 26 —

At Kilkenny, there wasn’t that much we discovered of the city, but soon we would because we were registered at the Walking Ghost Tour of Kilkenny. With this tour, we walked through the streets of the city and even stepped back in time to learn about the history of Kilkenny. We visited the Kilkenny Castle, one of the biggest castle of Ireland built in the beginning of the 13th century. In the building, there were many national art collections preserved and showed to the tourism devouring these precious objects with their eyes. I was left with no words when we entered the picture gallery, a long and palatial room filled with portraits of marquesses and Dukes along the walls.
kilkenny castle
After this shot blast, we were guided to Saint Kieran’s College, which was a few minutes walk from our latest location. Saint Kieran’s College is a Roman Catholic boys’ secondary school founded at the end of the 18th century. We were welcomed with snacks and drinks so we already started to appreciate the place, I only think it’s because we were starving. So we learned about their numerous team of hurling (a native sport from Ireland), soccer, football, handball. This was, according to my opinion, the more remarkable activity I did in Ireland, just because we learned so much about their lifestyles and education that at the end of the tour, I envied the boys from Saint Kieran’s College to have the opportunity of a lifetime. I also think I was the only one from the group that developed this emotion inside, because Ines and Emily are girls and they couldn’t realize the chance the students had. If they actually did, that’s awesome! There was now one more destination to explore before heading back home, but I wasn’t worried for any lack of new knowledge and experiences.St-Kierans-College.jpg

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