— Day 28 —

Today was our last day in Ireland and we needed to wrap up all the things we experienced during our tour to Iceland and the Irish country. I will always remember the memories, the adventures, the laughs, the great food and drinks, the knowledge we acquired. These things will be graved inside my memory for the rest of my life. So we woke up that morning with the sadness of leaving such a beautiful place very soon. We decided to do something cozy to relax for our last day, so we registered in a bus tour around Dublin city and his surroundings. We left early to be able to pack our bags and luggages in the bus, because right after the ride, we would direct ourselves to the airport to return home. The bus traveled slowly around some great touristic environments and buildings like the Trinity College, the National Art Gallery, the Chirst Church Cathedral, the Phoenix Park (the zoo of Dublin), the Guinness storehouse and many more.
guinness storehouse
When we passed by The Guinness storehouse, the shame of yesterday reappeared inside and I became fragile, watching Ines and Emily sniggering about what happened last night. So at the end of the tour, we ended up in the middle of nowhere with our luggages. We realized that, by looking at the map, we couldn’t walk all the way to airport and the our only transportation left few minutes ago. That was a problem. We called afterwards a taxi that picked us up d brought us to the airport. In the plane, I looked through the window and said a last goodbye to such a wonderful experience.










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