Our Favourite Websites

  • Tripadvisor: from food to lodging to activities, it’s a  traveler’s best friend.
  • Airbnb: meeting new people by sleeping in their homes, it’s a great way to save some money.
  • Wwoofing: working a little in echange for homemade meals and a roof over our heads, you got a deal!
  • Trivago: comparing hotels’ prices and bringing them all at one place makes you save a WHOLE lot of time, believe me.
  • Ret Tag and CheapOair: listing all the flight companies available from the least to the most expensive will make you want to kiss your computer screen.

One thought on “Our Favourite Websites”

  1. Hi! So I’m going on a trip soon and I stumbled upon your blog (it’s really amazing and so well done!). I also want to make this type of blog to remember everything but I’m scared that I might miss out too much by always thinking about taking pictures. Do you have any tips?


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