— Day 4 —

Our second day at Thingvellir national park was one of wandering and wonder. We spent the entire day discovering new corners of the park, each one overflowing with nature at its purest state. We were left in awe as the city we had loved had to make space in our hearts for the outdoors.

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Just like our two first days in Reykjavik, the only thing that stopped us was our hunger; Iceland was making us forget about our basic needs.

It’s only when the skies started to darken that we reluctantly moved back to our camping site.



2 thoughts on “— Day 4 —”

    1. Iceland is actually a great country for camping, as well as for hitchhiking which we did a lot too. It’s cheaper than a hostel and gives you the chance to experience the country in a different, but unique way. However, hostels are still a great choice for people who don’t particularly enjoy being outside for too long. You can find more information on both lodging possibilities on websites like http://campingiceland.is/fr/camping-in-iceland/ and http://www.hostel.is/. 😀


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