— Day 15 —

Very early in the morning, we worked in the farm. Like she said, Christine showed us what we had to do this day. We started off simple. She made us pick some vegetables and fruits from the polytunnel. We also planted some vegetables. To end our little task, she made us water her big garden full of beautiful flowers. We were joined by other woofers who were also staying with us. They generously offered to help us with the tasks.

When we were done, we had a really delicious homemade meal. We were definitely excited not to have to eat sandwiches again. When we were all done eating, we all went out for an excursion with the group. Christine brought us to visit the Carriganass Castle. This castle was built around 1541. It was a lovely ruin with so much history as it was built by the clan chieftain, Dermot O’Sullivan Beare, to protect his family from attacks. It was built in the “tower-house” style, which was popular in the 15th and 17th centuries. Since it was a few minutes away, we also passed by the Kealkill Stone Circle. It was explained by Christine that the Kealkill Stone Circle is one of the most beautiful examples of megalithic architecture in Ireland. It was really beautiful. The circle was made of five stones that were about four metres high! Plus, the view of the Bantry Bay was just amazing. Everything was so green and peaceful. We spent quite some time visiting the ruins and the stones and we got back to the farm pretty late in the afternoon. We ate our supper together and then went to sleep. For a first day in Ireland, it was a really great day.

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