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Grand Total of Our Trip

Monthly budget: $6 899.40

Plane ticket from Iceland to Ireland: $1 081.86

Plane tickets from Ireland to Canada: $1 266

Grand Total: $9 247.26


What we had: $61 584

What it we had to pay: $9 247.26

We were definitely under our economical capacities.


Ups and Downs of Traveling on a Budget

If you ask some people, especially those who like to shop, travelling on a budget is impossible. Nevertheless, if you’re motivated to travel, but, just like us, don’t have a thick wallet, you will find a way.

The first thing to do, is get any idea of staying at five stars hotels out of your mind. That is if you want your trip to last more than five days. Hostels and, in our case, even camping sites can be great alternatives.

The same principle applies to eating out. You have to make some concessions and accept the fact that you  probably won’t eat a three course meal every night. You’ll soon realize that non-expensive food tastes even better when your wallet is still filled!

This doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable during the whole length of your vacation. Saving money on things like food and lodging, especially if you only need a place to sleep when you stay outside all day, leaves you with more funds to treat yourself. In our case, it was the Blue Lagoon. Being one of the most expensive activities on our trip, it was only accessible by some sacrifices we made on transport, restaurants and hotels.

It was completely worth it and if anything, it made us realize even more the value of money you earn and discover the countries hidden behind the glamour of expensive establishments.

In the end, if you succeed on surviving for an entire trip without exceeding the amount you allowed to yourself, you feel like you can accomplish anything. The hours of looking up the cheapest rents or the days spent eating nothing but sandwiches are forgotten and you’re left with a pride you’ll carry with you all your life.

The Costs of Traveling

Travel insurance for our trip (price for entire trip in day 0):



Train tickets from Montreal to Toronto (price included in day 0):

Please forgive the French, it was a French-Canadian company.

Plane tickets from Toronto to Reykjavik (price included in day 0):


Plane tickets from Reykjavik to Cork:



Plane tickets from Dublin to Montreal:

FullSizeRender (6)
This is per person so it must be multiplied by three. The tickets cost a total of $1 266.