— Day 24 —

We woke up late that morning, with the singings of the birds and the streaming of the water near us. We unassembled the tents and packed up our things, we were now ready to continue our journey. In the car, we decided to go to Dingle, a town not far fdingle colourrom where we were that was formely a western train terminus, The Tralee and Dingle Light Railway. When we arrived we made a link between the colours of the architecture of the houses and buildings of Dingle and the first city we discovered, Reykjavik. Each one was followed by a different colour and it made it look like a beautiful rainbow. We found out pretty fast that Dingle was concentrated on the tourism. We passed by The Oceanworld Aquarium of Dingle and couldn’t resist. We rushed out of the car and bought three students tickets. Actually, from the cashier’s view, our excitements made us look like eight year old kids, but anyway. We entered the building and we were amazed by the rarity of the animals and the immensity of the habitats made for them. There was all kind of fishes, turtles, sharks, dolphins and even penguins. I took a picture of one of them who was playing with a feeding device, i found it pretty funny. We made the tour of the aquarium and we left, with a big smile on our faces. We walked through the town and found a good-looking restaurant, Doyle’s Seafood Restaurant. It was quite expensive so we chose our meal with that in consideration, but my lord it was delicious. We left the restaurant and walked to our place to sleep, the Marina Lodge, next to the Dingle Marina. We could see the lights of the boats from our window, it was amazing.peiginformation:









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