— Day 14 —

Our day at the airport wasn’t exactly interesting. We stayed at the airport to wait for our flight to Ireland. Although we were very excited to finally go there, it felt like we were waiting for forever for that flight. We slept there, had a not-so-great breakfast and dinner there (sandwiches again!), and tried to distract ourselves by playing cards. At some point, a girl joined us to play. Her name was Mary and she was from Australia. She told us she was backpacking alone in Europe for a year, which we found to be very brave. When we were too tired of playing cards, we contacted our families and friends, wrote them messages and sent them photos of our trip. To get ready for the next adventure, we slept and rested. At 11:05 AM, the plane finally departed for Cork. We hadn’t much to do in the plane except watch some movies, listen to music and play cards. To fill our stomachs, we had little snacks, like peanuts.

When we arrived at the Cork Airport at 7:35 PM, we took the bus from the airport to Bantry, where Christine, the host, picked us up. When we met her, she was so nice and sweet! We were very excited to go to the Mill Little Farm, a place where we woofed for a week. We arrived at her farm and had supper with her, her students and some other woofers. We were a little intimidated at first because we didn’t know anyone, but there weren’t many people so we got to talk to them and we became a little less scared. Later that night, Christine explained to us how everything worked in her farm. She was going to show us our tasks the next morning, so we could rest first. Then, we went to sleep, thankful that we had a real bed this time.







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