— Day 27 —

As soon as we arrived to Dublin, we wanted to move a bit so we got into a trip on paddle boards in Dublin Bay. You’re kind of on a surf board but equipped with one paddle to direct yourself. It was filled with laughs and hesitations when arrived the moments we were loosing either the control of the board or the balance and hoped not to fall. We also had the chance to watch the big city of Dublin from the water which was pretty cool because we could clearly see the immensity of the colourful buildings near the bay. Each of us fell a couple of times and at the end of the loop, we were all wet but the warm sun was drying ourselves slowly and now was the time to find something to eat.
paddle board.jpg
We asked the guide for advices for interesting and not that expensive restaurants and he told us that we would be pleased by searching on the Talbot Street. So we remembered the directions of the guide and arrived to the populous street. We walked on the sidewalk across the restaurants

and stopped in front of The Celt, a traditional Irish Pub. Our curiosity pushed us in the bistro and we each took a seat. It consisted of Irish meals and drinks, so I instantly thought either the dinner would bThe Celt Bare entertaining and delicious or the opposite. The Celt even taught me something I should have known, but anyway. Guinness is a renowned beer all over the world, but I didn’t know it was from Ireland! This new knowing was stronger than me and I decided to order one to

honour the country and their, I

can confirm, extraordinary great looking and tasty beer. We all satisfied our appetite and got ready for the next day, our last day. 😦





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